Liquid Foil Printing – Multi-level Emboss – Spot Gloss UV

Rock in Rio is one of the LARGEST music festivals on the planet, last year they decided to have the first ever Rock in Rio in the U.S. in Las Vegas. I had the opportunity to work on a really fun promotional booklet that was sent out to a select few thousand recipients.

The Job was printed with Earth Color in Houston Texas, and had some really amazing print techniques and treatments.

The Book is 8″w x 8″h and has a die-cut cover with the shape of a guitar pick creating a frame for some really great printing. The Print technique was not PMS 877 silver ink, but an entirely different process where a special silver ink is printed below the other colors and creates a very richly metallic look. The Globe logo has a multi-level emboss and there is a mate coating with some really glossy spot UV areas. This was a great project to learn how to combine techniques and make the best uses of each.

ab3fd86a76321850bb1e6394c9888b5f     0d0b59ff2d104e2d07a4337e6f73c8b8

e8a308448f5e009900e3a22fdbdbae44     a37ae5236472d30ee5402b076d745b23



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