Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV – VIP Invitation

Pacquiao vs. Marques IV – VIP Invitation

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Invitation for Fight at MGM Grand Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Marquez 4th fight. Invite was Silk Screened on Laser Cut Clear 1/8″ Plexiglass, with Silver metallic Vinyl Backing. The second surface mounting of the vinyl really added to the piece giving some dimension to the silkscreen, you are looking through the plexi to see the silkscreen, the metallic vinyl really sparkles through he glossy plexi. There is a wristband (Belly Band) and an envelope-type holder both are printed Metallic Silver on Neenah Black PIKE – a smooth plastic feeling premium paper. The plexi Invite is sealed into the holder with the mailing label.

This Invite was awarded a Bronze Addy Award in the 2013 Las Vegas Addy Awards.

Main View     Close up to show Plexi with metallic silver vinyl backing.

Pac Envelope     Pac Top


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